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Diverse Respondents for meaningful insights

Mobile-First Market Research

Prime Insights operates a mobile-first
Market Research approach.

91 % of the world’s population and 97 % of Americans use a smartphone. In order to deliver a representative sample we need to reach users where they spend their time, on their phones.

Our focus on mobile users guarantees a diverse audience which produces meaningful and unbiased insights.

Unique Respondents

Direct first-party access to high-quality respondents.

Prime Insights operates several panels and communities with a loyal inventory of respondents built over more than a decade that can not be reached through other suppliers.

All our panels rely on a single technology aggregating all our panelists to ensure every panelist is unique and our overall sample remains representative at all times.

Relentless Quality Control

Data Analysis

Prime Insights verifies that panelists are real and who they say they are. We monitor various data points like the respondent's IP address, User Agent (Browser), Device ID, and Fingerprint to ensure users are real and unique. Furthermore, we continuously check our panelists profiling information to confirm that their answers are logical and consistent.

Behavioral Analysis

Prime Insights monitors each respondent’s behavior to guarantee that participants are giving attentive and sincere responses. Our proprietary algorithms ensure all respondents meet our strict quality benchmarks by successfully detecting suspicious behavior, speeding, straight-lining and data patterns.

User Qualified
  • Real Respondents
  • High Quality Profiles
  • Genuine Answers
  • Bots, Fakes, VPNs
  • Suspicious Profiles
  • Duplicate Users
  • Low Quality Answers

Your Results

Which of these streaming services do you use?

  • Netflix 78%
  • Amazon Prime Video 72%
  • Hulu 50%
  • Disney + 47%
  • HBO Max 36%
  • Apple TV 27%
5.000 Respondents

Worldwide Reach

At Prime Insights, we are proud to offer a panel with a global reach, allowing our clients to conduct market research and gather insights from panelists around the world. Our panel is active in a wide range of countries and regions, and we have the ability to conduct surveys in multiple languages to ensure that we can reach a diverse user base.

Our panelist are diverse in terms of demographics such as age, gender, income, and education level, ensuring that we can provide a representative sample for any research project. We have a track record of success in helping our clients achieve their research goals on a global scale.

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